is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and
smart virtual assistant for Direct Sellers and Network Marketers.

New distributors

Jeanie allows new recruits to become productive almost immediately. They contact more people, sooner, more skillfully, and more effectively. They succeed more quickly, more significantly, and their confidence keeps them around longer.

Field leaders

Jeanie motivates seasoned field leaders to recruit by reducing the burden they feel from new distributors. Energized leaders focus on the business-building activities that make the most difference. Your leaders finally realize the full benefits of “duplication.”

Your company

Jeanie lets you partner with your field to drive business. Leaders align on business practices and Jeanie ensures that everyone else follows their lead. Together you’ll expose more prospects to your content and see stronger returns on your marketing investments. Jeanie eases the complexity of global business and different leadership styles.


is a white-label platform. She serves up your existing marketing content, and hosts new content that Jixiti’s experts help you create: call scripts, email templates, contact interviews, training modules and more. You’ll see serious results quickly.

Jeanie scales with you and your business plan. Jixiti’s industry experts will work with you to align your field, craft new content, and re-energize your business.